Amid blazing heat wave, freak storm slams California city

Amid the record-breaking temperatures throughout the Bay Area and the state during this prolonged heat wave, there was an interlude of truly wild weather in one part of Southern California on Sunday.

In Santa Clarita, a city located about 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles, residents were baking in 110 degree weather mid-afternoon on Sunday when a surprise thunderstorm rolled in, stunning residents with thunder, driving rains and 60 mph winds. 

A video by a Santa Clarita resident captured the storm’s intensity as it showed her backyard being battered by as the wind-driven rain slammed her patio furniture and blew it into her swimming pool. 

Colin McCarthy of StormWatch retweeted the jarring video, noting that “Santa Clarita, after hitting 110F this afternoon was just hit by a hellacious severe thunderstorm bringing 60 mph wind gusts, hail, heavy rain and frequent lightning. Incredible swings in SoCal.”

Milo Wakefield, a student at Cal Arts, told television station KABC that the storm “just came out of nowhere,” beginning with thunder and lightning that was soon followed by rain driven sideways by the howling winds. 

All of this was happening while the Santa Clarita temperatures remained above 100 degrees. 

On Monday, as the heat wave continues, temperatures are forecast to soar throughout the state with many spots projected to reach or exceed 110 degrees. In the Bay Area, Livermore is forecast to hit 114 degrees as is Sacramento. 

The hottest place in the state remains Death Valley, which is forecast to hit 122 degrees on Monday. The SoCal monument reached 127 degrees last week, setting a record for the hottest temperature anywhere on the planet. 

but some scientists are arguing that number may not be entirely accurate. This is only a month after monsoonal rains flooded parts of Death Valley, damaging several roads. While for many such temperatures are frighteningly high, others see them as a photo op. 


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