Authorities want two teens in New Mexico for the murder of a former prison officer – CVBJ

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Anna Bella Dukes and Adrián Ávila are wanted in New Mexico for the murder of a former officer.

Photo: Albuquerque Police Department / Courtesy

Through Snapchat, Anna Bella Dukes and Adrián Ávila chose their victims and if things didn’t go their way, they committed cold-blooded murder.

Last February, the front pages of the main Albuquerque newspapers revealed that the former prison officer Elías Otero had died in front of the eyes of his family at the hands of a teenager.

10 months have passed since that tragedy, however, the police are still looking for Anna Bella Dukes, 18, and Adrián Ávila, 17, and this week they have been sent a warrant on an open count of murder, kidnapping, armed robbery with a deadly weapon, tampering with evidence, and conspiracy.

According to the police both youngsters could meet in New Mexico and they have launched an alert to help find his whereabouts and account for the death of Elías Otero.

Albuquerque Journal reported that Bella Dukes met Elías Otero’s brother through the Snapchat application and seduced him until he was convinced to meet; The appointment took place in a park where, according to the police, he was ambushed by a group of people who robbed him at gunpoint and they forced him to drive to his brother’s house, southwest of Albuquerque.

On the way, the thieves They made a FaceTime to Elías and tried to scare him pointing a gun at his brother’s head and told that if he didn’t leave home with a $ 1,000 ransom they would hurt the minor.

The mother of the deceased, Alicia Otero pointed out to the same media that the thieves did not settle for what was stolen: “My son, a minor, had his car stolen and they wanted more than the car, they wanted his jewelry, the stripper, they took his credit cards and took what they had, but they wanted more money.”

My oldest son (Elías) said we were not going to give them anything, so he went out with his weapon (to confront the thieves) ”, said Mrs. Otero.

Elías Otero was shot in front of his family’s gaze, while the minor ran in terror when he heard the detonation of the weapon and was unharmed.

Police noted that It was not the first time that Anna Bella Dukes and Adrián Ávila seduced their victims through Snapchat and that one day before assassinating Elías Otero they committed a similar crime.

Crime Stoppers offered a $ 2,500 reward to whom provides information leading to the arrest of the adolescents.

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