Gatesville man who fatally shot friend with shotgun charged with manslaughter

GATESVILLE, Texas (KWTX) – A Coryell County man was charged with manslaughter after he shot a friend during a drunken gun play fight the evening of Sept. 16.

A court document obtained by KWTX states Brian Lee Hitt, 44, fatally shot Cody Clayton Milam in the upper chest and lower throat area with a shotgun.

The Coryell County Sheriff’s Office responded to the shooting at 11:16 p.m. on Sept. 16 at a residence in Country Road 142 in Gatesville.

Deputies met with Hitt who “had a strong odor of alcohol,” according to the document.

Hitt told the deputies he had just returned from dove hunting and Clayton was sitting outside his home, where they usually “play around before pointing guns at each other.”

As he approached Clayton, Hitt “pulled the trigger” of the shotgun, but “nothing happened,” the document states.

Hitt, the document further states, then “pumped the slide down, which chambered a round, and as he pulled the trigger, the shotgun went off, striking Clayton in the upper chest and lower throat area, causing his death.”

Hitt was taken to the hospital, then booked into the Coryell County Jail. He has since posted bond.


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