Grandfather of 14-year-old killed in Orange County responded to the crime scene as firefighter

MEBANE, N.C. — Bouquets of flowers surround a cross staked into the ground off Buckhorn Road in western Orange county.

Stan Dean, who works for the Efland Fire Department, put up the wooden cross in honor of his granddaughter who was killed on Friday night.

A wooden cross has been placed on Buckhorn Road in Orange County, where Lyric Woods, 14, and Devin Clark, 18, were found shot to death.

Dean was one of the first responders who rushed to the scene — only to find that it was his missing granddaughter who was lying dead next to Devin Clark, 18.

“It’s a tragic event that will stay with them forever,” said Charles Bullock, a long-time friend of Dean’s.

Bullock said he is in a group of veterans and first responders called the Patriot Guard Riders, who will be apart of Wood’s funeral.

“He wants us there so he can lean on them,” Bullock said. “They are holding up the best they can given the circumstances whenever you lose a child or grandchild, one this young its tough.”

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office announced on Tuesday that a petition had been filed against a 17-year-old boy in connection to Clark’s death. That teen, accused of first-degree murder, is not in custody yet. On Wednesday, Orange County District Attorney Jim Woodall had not decided if he is going to charge the 17-year-old boy as an adult.

Bullock said Dean and the Woods’ are very family-oriented people, which makes the murder even more difficult for them.

“Stan is a strong man, he will hold up to it,” Dean said.

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