How DNA Helped Solve A 1990 Serial Killer Cold Case

On September 19, 2022, according to the Riverfront Times, 73-year-old Gary Muehlberg was charged with murder in connection with at least three deaths, but has allegedly confessed to killing at least five women. A probable cause statement also states that he may have murdered as many as five victims.

Muehlberg was, at the time, a transient who turned up in St. Louis from time to time. Those who knew him described him as having a “hostile demeanor,” according to a companion Riverfront Times report. Whenever he was in St. Louis, he reportedly stayed at a decaying house with a “secret room” in the basement; he almost certainly tortured Mihan in that room, according to Riverfront Times.

Though Muehlberg may wind up being convicted of these murders, such a conviction is unlikely to have any real effect on him. That’s because he’s already doing life for an unrelated murder (in which, in keeping with his M.O., he disposed of the body in a box), and he’s been diagnosed with cancer.

Meanwhile, his motive remains unclear, although Muehlberg has apologized for his actions during that “negative, dark, short period” in his life, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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