Kim Kardashian Launching New True Crime Podcast

Kim Kardashian is finding another industry to tap into, podcasting. The reality star has big plans for the year ahead.

Kardashian has already expressed her interest in the criminal system. Her most noteworthy contribution to people falling victim to injustice includes Alice Marie Johnson. The 41-year-old aspiring lawyer helped Johnson out of prison after she was sentenced to life for a minor role played in a drug trade.

After three failed attempts at the baby bar exam, Kardashian is finally on her way to becoming the lawyer she always wanted to be, which includes using her voice to advocate for bizarre cases. The first season of her true crime podcast, The System, recalls a case where a guy got the death sentence for a triple homicide in Ohio.

In an interview with Interview magazine, debuting her bleached blonde brows and hair and bare bum on the cover, the SKIMS founder revealed the case she will discuss on the podcast.


“There are so many twists and turns with how it was handled—or mishandled—and we take the listener along for a journey in search of the truth.”

She then added that the next big thing is “finishing law school.”

“My next big thing is just finishing law school because I’m halfway there,” she said. “It’s really time consuming. I have to study two hours every day with my professor. I don’t have a day off from that.”

Kardashian has talked at the White House multiple times about the justice system’s structure.

“Once I saw how broken the system is, I couldn’t stop,” she said. “I have to help as many people as I can. These people are thrown away and put in prison and no one cares. It’s so heartbreaking.”

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