Kollie Found Guilty in Murder of 14-Year-Old Fargo Girl

Arthur Kollie speaks with Defense Attorney Eric Baumann (media pool photo, The Forum)

FARGO (KFGO) – Arthur Kollie has been found guilty of murdering 14-year-old Jupiter Paulsen.

After a short deliberation Thursday afternoon, the jury found Kollie guilty of murder, aggravated assault, and robbery in the June 4, 2021 killing of Paulsen.

During closing arguments, Assistant Cass County State’s Attorney Ryan Youngren told the jury that Kollie demonstrated awareness of his actions by his attempts to cover up the crime and in his interviews with police.

Kollie’s attorney, Eric Baumann, leaned heavily on the testimony of a counselor who gave Kollie a preliminary diagnosis of a psychosis just days before Paulsen was murdered. Ultimately, he told the jury prosecutors had not proven that Kollie could comprehend his actions on that day.

Paulsen’s parents were in the courtroom. Her mother sat next to Patrick Peterson, the garbage man who stopped the attack on Paulsen and called police.

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