FORT WAYNE — A Ligonier woman was charged in Allen County Friday in relation to a fatal crash which killed a 93-year-old Fort Wayne woman on Memorial Day 2020.

Reyna G. Becerra, 22, was charged Friday with a felony count of reckless homicide and two felony counts of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon in connection to the crash, according to News Channel 15.

Becerra was arrested by Ligonier Patrolmen Michael Alexander, Jerod Bechtold and Braydon Becker, along with Noble County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Chase Gibson, on the felony warrants at her brother’s house in the 200 block of Fulton Street in Ligonier at 2:45 p.m. Friday.

Becerra was taken into custody without incident, according to Ligonier Police Chief Bryan Shearer.

According to Allen Superior Court documents, Becerra, was driving south on U.S. 33 just north of Valentine Road a little after 6 p.m. on Memorial Day 2020 when she approached a semi-truck in front of her, the news station reported. Witnesses at the scene told police Berra did not appear to slow down or check for oncoming traffic in the northbound lane as she attempted her pass.

Her vehicle’s data recorder showed she revved her engine and was going 74-miles-per-hour in a 55-miles-per-hour zone as she attempted to pass the semi, court documents said.

Her speed made it impossible for Becerra to control her white Pontiac Grand Prix as she tried to avoid an on-coming white Chevy Cruz, according to court records. Becerra tried to swerve out of the way and brake, but the vehicles still collided head-on, police said in court records.

When rescue workers got to the scene, they found Wilhelmina McGinnis-Doell in the front passenger seat of the Chevy Cruse. She had suffered multiple lacerations and fractures and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Her daughter, Lisa Hensler, had been driving the Cruze. She was taken to a local hospital with multiple vertebrae fractures, a sternum fracture, a collapsed lung as well as femur, tibial and rib fractures, court records said.

The collision spun the Pontiac 180 degrees, according to court documents. The back of the Pontiac then hit the Cruze again, pushing it into a ditch, a crash reconstructionist wrote in court documents.

There were no signs — such as marks in the roadway or scrubs on the tires — showing Becerra tried to stop her Pontiac, court documents said. Her vehicle’s data recorder showed she hit the brakes two seconds before the crash, but had hit them while making her swerve.

Rosalba Becerra, who had been a passenger in the Pontiac, suffered a dislocated wrist, a fractured femur and a fracture to her neck.

Blood was taken from Reyna Becerra to be analyzed, but due to a clerical error that blood was disposed of before it could be tested, according to court documents.

During an interview at the hospital, where she was treated for injuries she suffered in the crash, Becerra said she was not drunk or had consumed alcohol or drugs prior to the crash. She said in court documents she was coming from her home at the time of the crash and did not remember her speed.

When asked what caused the crash, she said she did not know but remembered a semi close to her at the time, court documents said.

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