New Footage Shows BlueFace Knocking Out Chrisean Rock’s Father [Video]

New footage shows the brief altercation between Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s father.

On Friday, clips of the incident between Blue, his boo Chrisean and her family began circulating on social media. The videos seemed to capture the end of the altercation, leaving people to be confused about the situation.

However, TMZ have obtained a new angle of what happened. In the video, the couple seemed to be in the middle of an intense conversation with presumably Chrisean’s family.

At one point, a man approaches Blue and unexpectedly throws a punch to his face. Blue attempted to swing back but missed. In another clip, the man is seen walking off when Blue runs behind him and punches him in the head. It can be assumed that Blue successfully got his kick back because the man topples over right after.

Chrisean later clarified that the man was, in fact, her dad but doesn’t feel bad for the punch. In since-deleted tweets, Chrisean says her dad was an abusive-absentee father.

It’s unclear on what prompted the minor scuffles but it appears that Blue was meeting Chrisean’s family at a Four Seasons hotel. Baltimore police says they were called to the hotel for disorderly conduct and an assault.

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