NLRPD cold case detectives, family members searching for answers three years after unsolved killing

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A family and North Little Rock Police are fighting for answers more than three years after a man was shot and killed in his home.

According to the police department, 72-year-old O.C. Winston was killed on August 19, 2019, but the search is still on for the person responsible.

“With God, I know that all things are possible but it is very disheartening to know that after three years we’re still in the same place,” his daughter, Angela Winston, said. “We still don’t know.”

Winston said it all began as a welfare check when the family had not heard from her father in a few days.

“We’re thinking maybe he’s asleep,” she said. “Maybe if he did pass away, it was natural causes.”

That welfare check ended in devastating news.

“The police got in and came back out and they said, ‘The circumstances have changed.’ To this day that plays over and over again in my head,” she said.

John Rehrauer, a cold case investigator for the North Little Rock Police Department, said he believes Winston was shot and killed by someone after searching his home and finding him inside.

“He kept his house pretty tightly closed up, so we’re looking at that angle… ‘Did somebody let the shooter in?’” Rehrauer said.

Angela Winston and her brother Patrick Greene Sr. said they believe whoever killed their dad was someone he was close to and trusted.

“That’s the hardest part,” Winston said. “You don’t know who to trust.”

Three years later, there are few answers and no suspects.

“Some days you’re hopeful, some days you just kind of wonder, ‘Will you ever get an answer?’” Greene said, adding that while it can be easy to lose hope at times, their family is trusting that the truth will come to light.

“We’re a praying family so we just continue to trust that God will eventually reveal everything to us,” he said.

The NLRPD is offering a $6,000 reward for someone to come forward with information that can lead to an arrest and conviction.

“We want to give this family some closure,” Rehrauer said.

Winston’s kids are begging anyone with any details to give police a call at 501-680-8439. Tips can also be sent via email to

Rehrauer said who comes forward with information can remain anonymous.

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