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Here are Some Examples for Established Businesses

Established businesses are expanding so they can usually show sales and products because they have already established a presence. They already have reviews and people to vouch for them so when they advertise, it is likely to drive more traffic to get more people to see what they have to offer.

Here are Some Examples for Businesses that are Starting Out

You shouldn’t always be only promoting sales or products. Your content should be quick and engaging. Memorable. You should be promoting the heart of your business which could be the process, yourself, the customers and much more. Find a way to make it relateable. Help your potential customers fall in love with the BRAND, rather than just pushing a product in their face because when it all boils down, they dont know you….yet.

Social Media is a place where information travels fast so you want to stand out. We recommend that if you are submitting a video that it is less than 15 seconds. If you are having a video shared, that video will direct a potential customer to your page to finish watching it if they are interested. If they are interested in that video, they may watch others and follow for more content.

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