Port Logan mystery: Scottish police appeal to Ireland over 2006 body

A woman, whose body was found on a Scottish beach back in 2006, may have connections with Ireland.

That’s according to a Cold Case Unit working on the investigation.

Her remains were found at Port Logan in Stranraer on Wednesday November 22nd in 2006.

Investigators now suspect she may have entered the water near Dublin.

Forensic work has indicated she was aged between 30 and 50, was of thin build and between 4ft 11in and 5ft 4in tall.

She was wearing size 10 black Bay Trading trousers, a white BHS size 34c bra and tan-coloured tights.

The woman was missing her teeth, but may have worn dentures.

Speaking in 2021, Inspector Iain Milligan of Police Scotland said: “Missing person reports across the UK have been checked without success to this point.

“I appreciate the help that the Cold Case Unit at Glasgow Caledonian University has provided us with in our investigation over the past several months.

Picture via @GCUColdCaseUnit on Twitter

“I hope that people will take a look and see if they recognise this woman.

“We want to be able to reunite her with her family and also find out what happened to her.”

Anyone with information related to the case is asked to contact locate.international or Police Scotland.

Main image: A facial reconstruction of ‘The Port Logan woman’. Picture by: Glasgow Caledonian University

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