Smash or Pass? Zaxby’s Is Turning Its Famous Zax Sauce Into Popsicles 

As if we didn’t have enough reasons to love Zaxby’s, the chicken chain has now introduced a new line of popsicles in the flavors of their dipping sauces.

The brand has teamed up with gourmet popsicle brand Frios for a line of frozen treats called “Saucesicles.” For now, the popsicles will be available in two flavors, Zax Sauce and Tongue Torch, with the same great taste of the dipping sauce, only in hard form for the suckers rather than the dippers. So there’s no need to worry about the spices in either sauce blending well with the cold snack.

Patrick Schwing, chief marketing and strategy officer at Zaxby’s, praised the latest innovation and credited the company’s “most loyal fans” as the inspiration being Saucesicles.

“The collaboration with Frios is built on flavor, bringing together two iconic Southern brands,” Schwing said in a statement. 

Even better, the Saucesicles will be available for free beginning on September 19th only on Customers can grab a pack of eight but are limited to one order per person since supplies are limited.

Will you be ordering a box of Saucesicles, or does the entire concept turn your stomach?


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