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Tales of the Walking Dead’s fifth episode, “Davon,” is an excellent spooky horror for the apocalypse that shows, once again, that walkers aren’t the real threat. This murder mystery was a great addition to the standalone stories of the newest Walking Dead spinoff series. Tales of TWD has delighted viewers with a wide range of episode themes showing that this series is only limited by the creators’ imaginations.

This article contains spoilers for Tales of the Walking Dead’s fifth episode, “Davon.” 

This episode is tricky with many flashbacks, requiring the viewer to pay close attention to details and the timeline the scenes are set in.

Jessie T. Usher Loan Chabanol Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC

“Davon” stars The Boys’ Jessie T. Usher as the titular character who awakens to find himself not only accused of a murder he has no memory of but is handcuffed to the victim. When he wakes, the reanimated version of the victim is trying to eat him, and he proceeds to bash it in the head as viewers hear French-speaking people searching for him in the distance.

Before events in this episode, Davon was rescued by sisters Amanda (Embeth Davidtz) and Nora (Loan Chabanol), who bring him into their town of Madawaska, a location that is the center of Acadian culture in Maine, which accounts for the residents speaking French. He eventually falls for Nora, and they appear to have a sweet connection.

Tales of the Walking Dead episode 5

As his memory slowly pieces events together, he realizes that it is Amanda who he is supposed to have murdered and her walker form, which Davon killed, keeps saying, “Sometimes murder is mercy.”

Jessie T. Usher Loan Chabanol Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC

This episode gives off a Salem witch trial vibe, except this time, it is a male who comes under fire from a mob who wants him killed for a murder he didn’t commit. Davon eventually wades through his foggy memories in order to reveal the truth.

This was another unique installment in The Walking Dead universe that was very well done. This type of episode showcases this series’s potential with the anthology format. Let’s hope it is renewed for a second season.

The final episode of season 1 of Tales of the Walking Dead, “La Dona,”  will premiere on AMC on Sunday, September 18 at 9 p.m. ET. This episode is currently available on AMC+.

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