The Internet Thought Kodak Black And His Date Were Doing More Than Twerking At A Florida Hockey Game

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Rolling Loud New York 2021

Source: Jason Mendez / Getty

Kodak Black was seen in a suite overlooking the Florida Panthers and Vancouver Canucks during their matchup and he was enjoying more than a hockey game. In a video floating around the internet, the “Super Gremlin” rapper is seen standing and hunched over a bit while a woman is bent over in front of him twerking. Some folks thought they were having intercourse, especially after he posted he “put the enchilada in the piñata” on his Instagram story. But videos that are closer show that wasn’t the case.

The woman in the video isn’t Maranda Johnson, who he put a ring on and told they were “locked in for life” at their baby shower in December 2021. There was speculation that he had proposed but he isn’t heard in any of the videos asking her to marry him.

“I appreciate you for being a vessel to my legacy,” he’s heard telling Johnson. “Even when we ain’t together, we together, ya heard me? And we locked in for life. I hope [the ring] fits.”

Kodak Black’s date to the game was rapper Essence, who gushed about going to the hockey game as their second date on her Instagram story. She also played her own music featuring him and said they had went to the mall and he spent a hefty amount of money on her. She even called herself “Mrs. Kapri” in one slide as she sat next to him in a car. Kodak Black’s name is Bill Kapri, which he legally changed it to in 2018. He was born Dieuson Octave.

Vancouver Canucks v Florida Panthers

Vancouver Canucks v Florida Panthers

Source: Joel Auerbach / Getty

Johnson’s pregnancy was revealed back in September 2021.

In February 2021, the Miami rapper was engaged to rapper Mellow Rackz. Shortly after announcing their engagement they revealed that they tattooed each others names. After their engagement things were quiet and he popped up months later with Johnson.

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