Washington Monument Vandalized With Red Paint in D.C. and a Man Is Arrested by U.S. Park Police

A man was detained on suspicion of vandalizing the Washington Monument with red paint, authorities said Tuesday evening. The U.S. Park Police announced the arrest in a short Twitter statement, adding that National Park Service conservators would work on the restoration process to the D.C. landmark. Photos circulating on social media of the vandalism appeared to show the paint slathered across the base of the monument’s west face. “Have you been fucked by this,” the graffiti appeared to ask, with an arrow pointing upward at the monument. “Gov says tough shit.” Police did not immediately provide a motive for the act, nor did they immediately disclose the identity of the suspect. The last notable case of monument vandalism in D.C. occurred in late May 2020, when racial justice protesters appeared to spray-paint a number of sites around the National Mall, including the Lincoln Memorial.

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